Baltimore City on northern edge of snow tonight

It’s one of those rare situations when the beaches of Maryland have a better chance of snow than any other part of the state. Winter Storm Warnings begin after 4 pm in Dorchester, Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties.

Winter Warnings

Rare heavy snow will fall in the Carolinas this afternoon, before hugging the coast and moving northeast toward Virginia and Maryland.


The snow will creep north through Maryland this afternoon and evening. There will be a sharp cut-off between who gets snow and who doesn’t. As it stands now, Baltimore city is right on the line.


Between the hours of 9 pm and 5 am, light snow could fall along the 95 corridor.  Potential accumluations are no greater than 1 inch. That’s “if” the snow even makes it this far north. Cities like Westminster and Parkton may very well just sit this event out.

The chances for snow and accumluation increase south and east of Baltimore city. Annapolis, for instance could receive between a coating to 2″ of snow. Same goes for the Eastern Shore around Cecilton and Chestertown.


On the other hand, southern Maryland and the Lower Eastern Shore may easily get 3 inches or more of snow, with higher amounts possible the closer you get to the East coast.


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