Spring Snow Possible

We’re four days into Spring and just a week away from Easter. Yet here we are, still facing the possibility of snow. Fortunately, for those of you cringing at the mention of the cursed “s” word, you have climatology on your side. The higher sun angle of late March makes it that much more difficult for snow to accumulation.

That being said, some snow accumulation is possible, especially north and west of Baltimore City. This will definitely be one of those elevation-driven snows.

Below is a preliminary snow forecast, and this mostly applies to GRASSY SURFACES. Expect less snow on the roads, if any at all. Roads that are south and east of I-95 are especially likely to just remain wet.

Bottom line, proceed with caution tomorrow. Any bit of ice or slush on the roads could make things slippery.

Snow Forecast through 6 pm Monday:


Precipitation Timeline:

Sunday Evening: a light wintry mix possible, little to no accumulation expected.

Sunday Overnight: wintry mix changes over to wet snow, especially north and west of I-95. Trace accumulations possible, mostly on grassy surfaces.

Monday Morning: wet snow for most, mixed with rain south and east of I-95. Minor accumulation possible, mostly between 5 am and 10 am.

Monday Afternoon: wet snow mixed with rain, little to no additional accumulation expected.

Monday Evening: wintry mix tapers off from west to east.


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