March Snowstorm? It’s Possible

Spring begins in less than 3 weeks, but winter refuses to step down early. A late season snowstorm is in the making, and could take aim at the Mid-Atlantic this week.

The storm in question is over the Northern Rockies right now.


From there, it will dive south into the Plains, before moving into Maryland late Tuesday. It will intensify as it moves off the coast, bringing concerns for strong winds and heavy snow on Wednesday.

snow possible

How much snow we get depends on the storm’s exact track, a detail that remains fuzzy at this point. The latest forecast models bring the low somewhere between southern Virginia and northern North Carolina. If you’re a snow lover, you’ll be pulling for the more northerly track.

Regardless of the track, this storm will have to work that much harder to accumulate, given how late it is in the season. The month of March means longer days and a higher sun angle, which helps to warm the roads and lower atmosphere. In order to get accumulation, the snow will have to fall faster than it can melt. Only the heaviest snow bands will be capable of this.

The WBAL TV weather team will keep you updated as this storm approaches. Until then, be mindful of this potential storm and its impacts. Any combination of snow and wind could hinder travel or cause power outages Tuesday night through Thursday.

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