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Snow Totals from Saturday
December 30, 2012

Saturday’s storm didn’t quite play out as expected, but it still brought accumulating snow to parts of Maryland for the third time in a week.

The late start to the snow cut down on accumulations for some, while others got exactly what was forecasted. Much of Carroll county saw 2-3″ of snow and northern parts of Baltimore and Harford counties picked up about 2″.

Most of the snow accumulations were seen northwest of I-95, but there were also some minor accumulations reported farther south. In Anne Arundel county, Odenton and Gibson Island both received 0.2″.


Here’s a list of unofficial snow reports from the National Weather Service.

snow reports



Snow on Saturday
December 28, 2012

Another potential snowmaker moves into the Mid-Atlantic on Saturday. This time, snow and ice could reach a little farther south and east.

Friday Night:
Snow showers begin to develop from the southwest after Midnight

Saturday Morning:
Snow becomes more widespread around 7 am for central and northern areas, with an icy mix southeast of I-95.


Saturday Afternoon:
Snow in central Maryland begins to change over to sleet and ice, areas southeast of I-95 become mostly rain


Expect most of the snow accumulation by 12 pm. The Baltimore Metro Area will see a general 1-3″ while the northern and western suburbs could get a little more. Trace amounts of ice or snow may accumulate southeast of the I-95 corridor. St. Mary’s county as well as the lower Eastern Shore counties may see some snow and ice early on, but this primarily be a rain event.


Saturday Evening:
Wintry mix tapers off from southwest to northeast, roads remain slippery

Saturday Night:
Decreasing clouds, temperatures fall below freezing overnight, roads become icy

Icy spots on the roads, especially in the morning, partly cloudy skies around the state, isolated snow showers in Western Maryland and central Pennsylvania.

NOTE: it’s important to note that the computer models have really back off on snow accumulations for Saturday. While we are taking this into consideration, we must remember that the past two snowstorms outpeformed the models, meaning, we got more snow than what was expected. Only time will tell whether or not this is the case again.

Snow Could Reach Farther South Saturday
December 27, 2012

On the the heels of the pre and post Christmas snow events, looms another potential snow maker on Saturday. This time, parts of southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore and Delaware are included in the threat.


Low pressure will track into the area from the southwest and will draw moisture into the Mid-Atlantic. This time, the cold air will be positioned further south, which means the infamous Mid-Atlantic “rain/snow” line will be further south, as well.

The precipitation will likely start sometime in the morning, as snow in the north and a wintry mix in the south. Some areas could see a few inches, with higher amounts in the northern counties.

As cold air continues to pour in from the northwest, the rain/snow line may sink all the way into southern Maryland and east into Delaware. While most of the accumulations will occur in northern areas of the region, we can’t rule out some snow or ice making it as far south as St. Mary’s, Somerset or Wicomico counties in Maryland.


It’s important to note that not all of the forecast models are in agreement. The GFS keeps the accumulating snow north of DC and Baltimore. However, because the past two storms out-performed the models (they brought more snow than expected), we’re putting more emphasis on the models showing higher accumulations like the European model.


Differing snow forecasts between the GFS (top) and European (bottom) computer models

This Weekend: Cold Winds and Mountain Snow
December 21, 2012

First Day of Winter

Colder weather has arrived just in time for the start of winter. Winter officially began this morning at 6:12 EST. As if on cue, a cold front came through and temperatures plummeted from 57 degrees at 3 am to just 41 degrees at 9 am. The cold front also caused heavy rain and strong winds overnight. Most of Maryland received about 1 inch of rain, including 1.16″ inches at BWI-Marshall.


Strong Winds Continue

Now the rain has moved out, but the strong winds are here to stay. Today’s winds will be from the west at 10-20 mph, with gusts up to 35. Tomorrow, winds will increase to 20-30 mph, with gusts up to 50-60. Saturday’s wind threat has prompted a high wind watch in our area. Be sure to secure all outdoor items, including decorations, furniture and trash bins. On the roads, keep an eye out for small debris, downed branches and powerlines.


Mountain Snow

The mountains in western Maryland and Pennsylvania will bear the brunt of this storm with heavy snow into Saturday. Combined with strong westerly winds, watch for drifting snow and times with low visibility. The snow will eventually taper late Saturday into Sunday morning. Snow accumulations will range from a few inches, to more than a foot in higher elevations.


Rain, Snow, Wind: Travel Concerns Ahead for Maryland
December 20, 2012

Planning to leave early for the holiday? A powerful winter storm is moving east and will bring rain, snow and strong winds to the Mid-Atlantic through Saturday.


The rain will arrive Thursday evening in Baltimore and continue into Friday morning. Meanwhile, rain will change to snow in the mountains around midnight.


Baltimore will dry out through Friday but travel conditions will worsen in western Maryland and western Pennsylvania. Heavy snow combined with strong winds will cause blizzard conditions at times. Westerly winds at 20-30 mph and gusts up to 45 mph will cause low visibilities and drifting snow. The snow will be confined to the mountains but we cannot rule out a light flurry reaching as far east as Baltimore by Friday evening. No snow accumulation is expected for areas east of Hagerstown.


Saturday will be cold and windy across the Mid-Atlantic, as snow showers eventually taper off in the mountains.


Total snow accumulations through Saturday could range from 1 inch to a foot, depending on location:


By Meteorologist Ava Marie, 12/20/12

Ravens Forecast: Cloudy and Chilly, A Sprinkle Possible
December 16, 2012

Broncos vs Ravens
M&T Bank Stadium at 1 pm

A warm front is lifting into the Mid-Atlantic today. An isolated sprinkle is possible for the start, then scattered showers may develop by the end of the game.


Sunsets Get Later, Days Still Get Shorter
December 11, 2012

On December 11, 2012, the sun sets in Baltimore at 4:43 pm, making it one of the earliest sunsets of the year. After this date, sunsets start getting later, even as the days keep getting shorter through December 21, 2012.

So why doesn’t the earliest sunset occur on the shortest day of the year? It just so happens that our clocks are not perfectly in-sync with the sun. This means that on most days, 12 pm on our clocks doesn’t actually happen right at solar noon. But how is this even possible?

Earth's Orbit(

Earth’s Orbit (

We must remember that the earth’s orbit isn’t a perfect circle, it’s actually elliptical. And the earth also rotates on a titled axis. These imperfections, added together, make it so that a day isn’t always equal to 24 hours, so after a while, our 24-hour clocks get out of sync with the sun. This week, it’s especially noticeable, when solar noon switches from happening before 12 pm to happening after it. It just so happens that December 11, 2012 is the magic day, when 12 pm actually happens right at solar noon.

After this date, as our clocks get out of sync with the sun once again, it only appears that the sunsets are getting later, even though our days are actually still getting shorter.

“Battle of the Beltway” Forecast
December 9, 2012

A front is stalled over the Mid-Atlantic today causing unsettled weather for the “Battle of the Beltway”.


Expect areas of showers and fog with temperatures holding steady.

photo 1

Ravens vs. Redskins – 1 pm at FedEx Field

Tailgating: Scattered showers, areas of fog…temps: 48-50

Kick-off: Scattered showers, areas of fog…temps: 49-52

Half-time: A shower possible…temps: 50-52

End of game: A shower possible…temps: 48-50