Baltimore’s Most Severe Arctic Outbreak

8 records in 5 days

The coldest day on record for Baltimore is February 10, 1899.  That morning dawned with arctic high pressure centered near Lexington, KY (barometer: 30.64″) producing clear skies in Baltimore, an all-time record low of -7°, a northwest breeze of 8 mph, and a wind chill of -21°.  The afternoon high February 10, 1899 was just +3° which produced a bone chilling average daily temperature of -2°.  And it was just the second day of a 5-day deep freeze that rewrote the record book for cold in Baltimore:

Coldest temperature ever:  -7° Feb. 10th

Record low temperatures:

Feb. 10th: -7°

Feb. 11th: -6°

Feb. 12th: 5°

Record low maximum temperatures:

Feb. 9th:  8°

Feb. 10th: 3°

Feb. 11th: 11°

Feb. 12th: 11°

Feb. 13th: 10°

To add insult to the brutal cold, a powerful nor’easter rolled up the coast from Florida to Virginia on February 12th and 13th dumping 15.5″ of snow on the city!

Tom Tasselmyer


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