Where’s The Snow? Alaska!

Ten days into January and less than 16% of the lower 48 has snow on the ground.  At BWI-Marshall, the official weather station for the Baltimore area, there has been less than 1/2″ of snow so far this winter.  But record breaking snows are falling in one part of the Nation: Alaska.  The news headlines have been focusing on the small town of Cordova, Alaska, where snow shovels are in short supply and the National Guard was called in to help dig out the town.  But the entire southern coast of Alaska has been buried under very heavy snow this winter thanks to a series of powerful storms tracking through the Gulf of Alaska producing blizzard conditions.  In Valdez, AK, where the snow started falling in October, another 6.5″ fell as of late afternoon Tuesday, boosting the seasonal total to 297″ in a town where the normal for an entire snow season is 326″.  In Anchorage, the numbers aren’t quite as eye-popping, but they have now measured 81.4″ of snow this season, which is less than an inch from the normal amount of snow (82.4″) for an entire season.  The record for snowfall in Anchorage in a season is 132.8″ set in 1954-55.

A blizzard warning remains in effect around Valdez and Cordova into Wednesday morning, with snow expected to continue into Thursday.

Tom Tasselmyer


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