Soaking Rains

The skies have opened up over the Mid Atlantic region since Monday.

The National Weather Service radar estimate for rainfall from Monday through Wednesday evening outlines an exceptionally heavy band of rain along the western shore of the Bay. The heaviest concentrations are highlighted in red and indicate rain totals in the 6-8 inch range. Baltimore, Howard and Anne Arundel counties are among the hardest hit.

Source: NOAA

The culprit is the remnant of what was Tropical Storm Lee. The disturbance and the plume of moisture associated with it have focused the rain right over the area. The Wednesday evening surface weather map above shows a stationary front just to the north and west of the Bay and an almost continuous line of thunderstorms has been moving along the east side of the front, in the tropical air mass that contains an abundant supply of moisture. The north-south alignment and movement of the storms is referred to as “training”. The low pressure center and front are expected to be stalled in the area until sometime later in the day Thursday. Also shown on the map are the outer isobars of Hurricane Katia.

The Wednesday evening satellite image provides an interesting view of all of the tropical activity in the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf basins. Katia is expected to remain east of the U.S. coastline but may stir up the surf. Maria and Nate are tropical storms. It appears that Maria is headed toward the Caribbean Islands and will have to be monitored. Nate is forecast to head toward the northeast Mexican Gulf coast. A new wave is coming off the West African Coast and appears to be fairly vigorous.

Keep dry.

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