Another Hot, Humid Week

Heat and humidity are in the headlines again. The extreme conditions extend from the Plains states to the Atlantic coast.

In the Mid Atlantic region, the hottest days will likely be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. High temperatures are forecast to be in the upper 90s and possibly low 100s. Record high temperatures may be broken with Friday and Saturday records the most vulnerable.

The forecast map above outlines expected highs on Friday. The hot spots are the Mid Atlantic region and the central and southern Plains. These areas can expect readings around or 100 degrees or higher.

The dewpoint temperature is an indicator of the amount moisture in the air. Dewpoints in the upper 60s and in the 70s indicate high humidity levels.

The Friday forecast map for dewpoint shows that the eastern half of the country is in a very tropical airmass with dewpoint reading hovering around 70 degrees. Combined with the forecast high temperatures, conditions will be quite uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous. Appropriate precautions are advised when exposed to these extreme conditions.

The Tuesday satellite image is of some interest. The core of the hottest air is still west of the Mid Atlantic region. A weak cool front is pushing into the area and may provide a trigger some isolated or scattered storms across the region.

Storms were west of the Bay Tuesday morning but additional development is possible later in the day. The cool front will wash out over the area in the next 24 hours and the hottest of the air will begin to filter in late Wednesday into Thursday.

Tropical Storm Bret is shown at the bottom of the image. The storm s not expected to reach hurricane strength and is forecast to move to the northeast, remaining well off the southeast coast of the U.S.

John Collins


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