Hot, Humid & Maybe Some Much Needed Rain

The Mid Atlantic Region is locked into some hot, humid conditions once again.

The Thursday midday satellite image shows the lack of rain over much of the eastern U.S. A low pressure center in the eastern Gulf will bring stormy weather to Florida though.

The morning weather map shows an essentially stalled front across Pennsylvania. It divides tropical air over the southeast U.S. and drier air centered over the Great Lakes. This front, combined with waves moving along it, will likely be a focal point for thunderstorm development through Friday.

The high temperature forecast map for Thursday shows 90+ readings expected south of the frontal boundary with readings in the 70s and 80s to the north. High humidity levels will prevail in the warmer air as well.

On Friday the front is expected to push slowly southward into Maryland, generating an increase in rain chances across the region.

Because of the proximity of the front, and disturbances moving along it, any thunderstorm activity could reach severe levels.

The Severe Storms Forecast Center has targeted the southern two thirds of Maryland as having a slight risk for severe thunderstorm development.

You can keep track of developing weather on You can also watch Tom, Tony and me for the latest weather updates on WBAL TV-11 tonight and Friday.

John Collins


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