Snowy Winter (for most), Winding Down

Selected Snowfall Totals and Percent of to enlarge

Temperatures were 20 degrees above normal to finish up the month of February here in Baltimore, but on the cold side of today’s storm, more snow was falling across northern New England.  With “meteorological winter” (Dec., Jan., Feb.) in the record book, and the official start of Spring just 20 days away (March 20th, 7:21 p.m. EDT), it’s interesting to see that Baltimore is one of the only spots in the eastern United States with below normal snowfall this winter.  Snowfall at Central Park in New York City is 326% above normal so far, Pittsburgh 162% above normal, Burlington, VT had their snowiest February ever with 43″ over the past 28 days, and even Atlanta, Georgia has had 3 times its normal snowfall.  But Baltimore, as measured at BWI-Marshall, has had just 14.4″, which is just 92% of normal (although some suburbs have measured over 20″).  Of course, March can still deliver a snowy punch or two, the 30 year average is 2.4″, but with the start of March the countdown to Spring has begun.

Tom Tasselmyer


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