Rough Monday

Today’s warm up will be welcomed but it comes with a price. The rush of warm air ahead of a strong cold front brings the potential for severe weather.

Courtesy: NOAA (Updated 1:20pm EST)

The map above outlines the various Warnings, Watches and Advisories in effect as of 10:00am 1:20pm Monday. The yellow shaded counties are under a Tornado Watch until 4:00pm. The western portion of the Baltimore area southern half of Maryland west of the Bay is included in this Watch.

The overall picture has the Mid Atlantic region in the “Slight Risk” category for severe weather on Monday.

The morning satellite image shows the extent of the storm. Note that the heaviest cloud deck has moved just north of Baltimore, allowing for sunshine and warming temperatures.

Courtesy: NOAA    (8:38am EST     28 Feb 2011)

The morning surface map shows the sweep of warm, moist Gulf air ahead of the storm system into the Ohio River Valley and the Mid Atlantic states. Note that the warm front was straddled across Maryland. The forecast calls for the front to continue its’ northward progress, allowing for unseasonably warm temperatures across the region but also contributing to an unstable environment that is ideal for storm development.

Check in with frequently for updates on today’s weather and use our Interactive Radar to track storms nearby. Be sure to tune in Sandra and Tom on  WBAL-TV 11 for bulletins at any time and for scheduled news and weather at Noon, 5:00pm and 6:00pm.

John Collins


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