New Storm Developing

This winter has been very different from last year with its’ three major storms. To date the area has been the target of a series of relatively minor weather disturbances and has been on the outer edges of two major storms. Most notably, it has been cold. Decembers temperatures were 4.3 degrees below average at BWI-Marshall and this month the numbers are running 1.7 degrees below average to date.

This morning was the coldest of the winter season so far. Preliminary low temperatures were:

8    BWI-Marshall

17   Maryland Science Center

10   Aberdeen Proving Ground

16   Annapolis(Naval Academy)

12   Martin State Airport

-7   Elkins, WV

Folks are saying that the cold has been relentless. Perhaps that is because the area has experienced only a few breaks with milder temperatures. Only seven days in December registered above average temperatures with only four days above average so far in January.

In the snowfall category, the numbers are unimpressive:

1.2 inches   December

3.1 inches    January

A new storm is developing and it will be moving up the coast this week. Computer models have been all over the ballpark in the past few days with the track forecast. Those models now seem to be zeroing in on a solution although some of the fine points of the storm are still up for grabs.

It now appears that the storm will be moving past the area on Wednesday. It also appears that the storm will pass closer to the Mid Atlantic coast, allowing warmer air to be drawn in ahead of it. This increases the chances that rain will be a bigger component of the storm.

The current idea is that Baltimore, and areas to the east and south will probably see mostly rain with some snow and sleet while areas to the north and west would see a greater proportion of snow mixed with some rain or sleet. It looks like most if not all of this precipitation will fall on Wednesday.

Keep in mind that it is still early in the forecast cycle regarding this storm. Details still have to be worked out and some adjustments are likely. Keep checking in at for updates and tune in WBAL-TV 11 for the latest with Tom, Tony and Sandra.

John Collins


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