Christmas Weekend Snow Update

The storm we have been talking about all week long is taking shape in the Southern Plaines.

The track of the storm over the next couple of days is expected to be far enough east that the storm’s impact over most of Maryland will be relatively minor.

The National Weather Service Track Forecast Map shows the most likely path in black. The colored dots scattered along the path show “low center” positions forecast by various ensemble model forecasts and indicate that some possible margin of error still exists.

Tony’s forecast for the weekend indicates a low-moderate chance for what would be considered light snow over the area. The forecast map below is from one computer model we use in house.

The color coding indicates that most of Maryland has the potential to receive around an inch if snow or maybe a bit more. The blue shaded areas in western Maryland and on the DELMARVA Peninsula could receive two to four inches with areas close to the beaches a bit more than that.

Keep in mind that the storm is still more than 24 hours away and a slight change in the track, one way or the other, could have a huge impact on snowfall so keep checking in  to WBAL-TV and

John Collins


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