A Baltimore White Christmas??

The prospect for a Christmas snow is still on the table! However…the latest computer model guidance is showing me that the whole storm system is slowing down. In other words, we might get some light snow on Christmas, but the main event could hold off until Sunday or even Monday. There are still a few models that have the whole thing missing us to the south. The two models I trust the most are actually split on the solution…the JMA model is the one with the miss…the ECMWF has a big slam snow storm for us! I am not aware of a public link for the JMA, but you can see the ECMWF here: http://meteocentre.com/models/models.php?mod=ecmwf&map=na&run=00&lang=en

Stay Tuned!

Tony Pann

3 Responses

  1. Hey Tony…I always chat with MaryEllen up here in PA. Here is a good link to use that has TONS of models…compliments of Penn State University.
    The Penn State Dept of Meteorology eWall: http://www.meteo.psu.edu/~gadomski/ewall.html

  2. Christmas,Ravens and snow…..Sounds like a great weekend to me 🙂

  3. Ugh! Doesn’t the weather know when I say I want snow on Christmas, that means substantial snow that is actually falling when I wake up in the morning while the main event of Christmas is happening? Later in the day is no good! LOL!

    But…..if it holds off till Sunday night/Monday-ish and is significant, maybe work will be closed!

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