What A Difference A Year Makes

The long term outlook for the winter of 2010-11 is not expected to be as extreme as last winter, but to look at the first few days of December this year, one would wonder.

So far through December 6, temperatures have turned sharply colder early in the month. Only one day has recorded a high in the 60s, no days in the 50s, 3 in the 40s and two in the 30s.

2009 was a different story. The big 17″ snow fell on the 19th. Up to that point it was relatively mild on average with recorded highs in the 60s on 1 day, 5 days in the 50s, 7 days in the 40s and 4 days in the 30s. December 2009 started out with relatively mild temperatures and chilled down at a much more gradual rate than we are seeing this year.

Of course it is still early in the month so we will have to see how things play out. A few cold days do not necessarily signal a long term trend.

The typical high temperature this time of year is in the upper 40s and the past few days have fallen way short of that mark.

Computer models are indicating that a somewhat significant storm could develop by the end of the weekend. The various models are not in agreement on the details or timing of the storm but a reasonable guess at this early stage would indicate that some combination of rain and snow are possible. High temperatures are expected to reach into the low 40s by the end of the week, providing some hope that if the storm develops, at least a portion of it will include rain.

Stay tuned.

John Collins

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