Not Since 1926…

The National Hurricane Center sent out some interesting facts regarding the two powerful hurricanes currently churning up the Atlantic.  Igor and Julia were both category 4 storms for a few hours today; it was the first time since 1926 that two storms were that strong at the same time in the Atlantic basin.  Thankfully, Julia has weakened a bit late this afternoon, but Igor remains a powerful category 4 storm and poses a threat to Bermuda over the weekend.

With both hurricane Igor and Julia reaching Category 4 strength, NOAA’s National Hurricane Center reports these interesting facts:

  • Two category four hurricanes existing simultaneously in the Atlantic basin has occurred only one other time since 1900: September 16, 1926  (Storm #4 and the Great Miami Hurricane).
  • There are nine other incidents of two major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher) occurring at the same time, some only briefly:  1933 (Storms #11 & #12), 1950 (Dog & Easy), 1951 (Easy & Fox), 1955 (Hilda & Ione),1958 (Helene & Ilsa), 1961 (Carla and Debbie), 1964 (Dora &Ethel), 1969 (Camille & Debbie), and 1999 (Floyd & Gert).
  • Hurricane Julia is the most intense hurricane to be located so far in the Eastern North Atlantic.

Tom Tasselmyer


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