Record Heat?

The summer heat of 2010 continues and records are once again vulnerable.

Baltimore Record High Temperatures

Tuesday forecast high temperatures for the area are near 100 degrees and threaten the Baltimore record set in 1900. Forecast highs for Wednesday and Thursday are not quite as hot and the records are less vulnerable.

Rain chances are minimal around the Chesapeake Bay for the next day or two. The main storm track is to the north for the time being and the most favorable conditions for stormy weather are to the west. By Thursday a cold front will be approaching and rain chances will increase.

The Tuesday morning satellite image shows the relatively quiet conditions over the Mid Atlantic region. The third major convective complex this week is moving across the upper Midwest and a disturbance over Florida is drifting into the Gulf of Mexico.

The storms in the Midwest are being fed by moisture from the Gulf of Mexico but that connection is not that obvious in the color satellite image.

The water vapor satellite image above clearly shows the Gulf connection. The image enhances moisture at the middle levels of the atmosphere. A plume of Gulf moisture is feeding right into the storm complex that stretches from eastern South Dakota into northern Illinois. The air is somewhat drier over the northeastern U.S. as indicated by the darker shading.

Stormy weather has been lingering over Florida for the past few days and the disturbance is drifting westward. Hurricane forecasters are monitoring the situation. Another disturbance out in the Atlantic (not pictured) has some potential for strengthening.

John Collins


2 Responses

  1. What are the chances of good meteor sightings in Carroll County tonight?

  2. Looking forward to 8/28, hope the weather is good.

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