40th 90° Day and counting…

The heat of this summer is fast becoming as impressive as the snow from last winter.  With a high of 94° on Wednesday, BWI-Marshall registered its 40th day this year with temperatures at or above 90°.  A sharp contrast to the summer of 2009 when the max temperature hit the 90s just 13 times.  Still, we would need another two weeks (14 more days) of 90° temperatures to reach the all-time record which is 54 days set in the scorching hot summer of 1988.  The normal number of 90° days in August is 7 and typically there are another 3 days with temperatures in the 90s in September.  So, a normal finish to the summer would leave us a few days short of the record.  But, this summer has been anything by “normal”, at least so far.  Stay tuned!

Tom Tasselmyer


One Response

  1. Tom just wondering does global warming play a part in the amount of days we have had this year of 90+ degree days? I enjoy your forecasts each night at 6. A Faithful Fan, Roland

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