It doesn’t get much hotter around here

The 105° temperature measured at BWI-Marshall at 2:58 p.m. Tuesday afternoon tied the second hottest temperature ever officially recorded for Baltimore.  Only the 107° of July 10, 1936 was hotter, and you have to go back to August of 1983 to find the last time this level of heat was experienced around here.  Thankfully, the typical high humidity of a Baltimore summer is absent with this heatwave because the high pressure cell responsible for sending the temperatures soaring upward is centered to our west, over the mountains, instead of off the coast.  This produces a drier west to northwest wind as compared to the muggy south or southwest wind that would accompany the normal “Bermuda High”.

Tom Tasselmyer


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  1. Tony Pann said on the Wednesday morning weather a comment about the dry weather; it has not been “dry for the past couple of days”! It’s been dry since the middle of May, my family farms on the eatern shore and we have had 9 tenths of an inch of rain since May and our crops are dead. The corn grown in Maryland feed the chickens grown on the Delmarva and with the crops in the condition their in, there will be no corn ror feed. Agriculture is the largest economic engine in Maryland and a little more respect needs to be given when the weather is reported. Not everyone wants hot BEACH weather! Talk about the need for rain for the crops once in awhile. If your chicken doubles in price like our feed bill will, you will not be very happy.


    Too bad the extra ~5 degrees are all tarmac and temp station siting being of insufficient caliber to do anything beyond give the airport data to help the planes land!

  3. Sorry, but the 105 temp registered yesterday is erroneous, due to siting errors and Urban Heat Island effects at the airport temperature station, which violates a half dozen NOAA rules of surface station siting. The temp in downtown Baltimore was 102, not 105 as it was at the airport.

  4. Where were the thermometers in the 30’s? The thermometer that recorded the 105 in this story is located on an airport, near an asphalt accessway, downwind from a nearby exhaust vent on an ILS unit housed in a metal structure. There was one other 105 reported in the region on this day, also on an airport, where the thermometer is mounted directly above an asphalt pad. Asphalt exposed to direct sunlight easily reaches temperatures in the 190s.

  5. Someone should visit and see just where the temperature station is placed surrounded by asphalt and air conditioning exhaust vents. It’s ridiculous that this station is used to verify temperature.

  6. Al Gore was right!

  7. Well, there ya go. More proof of man-made global warming.
    Almost as bad as in, oh – look at that – 1936.. well before global warming advocats suggest that man’s emissions had reached a point where they had an effect on the earth’s climate.

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