Near Record Heat

Hazy, Hot & Humid conditions have dominated the first week of summer. Relief should kick in by Tuesday and Wednesday. Until then, records are threatened.

The record highs stack up as follows:

  • 99 … Sunday(June 27)
  • 98 … Monday(June 28)
  • 105 … Tuesday(June 29) (all-time highest temperature recorded in June)

Sunday should be the hottest day and the most likely day that a record would be tied or broken. (UPDATE: at 3:47pm Sunday the temperature hit 100 degrees…a new record for the date and the second time this month that 100 degrees has been reached). Temperatures on Monday will likely back off a few degrees due to scattered clouds and rain chances increasing in the afternoon. A cold front is expected to have passed across the area by Tuesday and temperatures will drop a few more degrees. By Wednesday, afternoon high temperatures are expected to be in the mid-upper 80s, typical for this time of year.

Humidity levels are high as well and heat index values will make the readings “feel like” 100 or a bit higher.

By the way, the approaching cold front on Monday may generate some severe thunderstorm activity. The area needs rain. At BWI-Marshall, precipitation for June is short by 2.03 inches.The Storm Prediction Center has identified much of the area around and east of the Chesapeake Bay Maryland as standing a slight risk for receiving severe weather activity.

John Collins


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