Less Heat and Humidity … For A While

High pressure is moving into the region from the northwest, driving humidity levels down for the time being.

The map above shows the expected weather for Friday evening. The high pressure center will have shifted to the east, over the Atlantic by that time but the area will still be under its’ influence and relatively confortable conditions will prevail.

Warmer, more humid air west of high will begin to filter into the area Saturday and discomfort levels will rise.

The graph above shows the outlook for air temperature (red) and dewpoint temperature (green) for the next seven days. Both lines break into what is considered hot and humid conditions by the weekend. Dewpoint readings in the low 60s and higher indicate a condiderable amount of moisture in the atmosphere. This, combined with high temperatures, results in muggy weather conditions, much like the tropics.

Despite all of this moisture in the air, the rain outlook is somewhat spotty for the next few day. Because of the hit-and-miss nature of rainfall over the past couple of weeks, conditions are on the dry side as far as the garden is concerned. The rain gauge at BWI-Marshall has recorded only 1.04 inches of rain so far in June, .81 inches below the 30 year average. Many areas have received less. The heat expected over the next week will be stressing plant life so make sure the garden gets some water, especially plants in containers.

Just remember, in February summer seemed but a distant dream. Well, summer officially arrives on Monday at 7:28am. Typically the high temperature On June 21 is 84 and the low is 62. Based on the forecast, temperatures should be a little above the seasonal average for the first day of summer.

John Collins


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  2. […] Less Heat and Humidity … For A While « Insta-Weather Insights […]

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