Sunday Soaker … More Monday

Rainfall Sunday held off until the end of the day, due in part to clouds and cool temperatures north of a cool front. Baltimore’s high temperature on Sunday was 60 with most of the day spent in the 50s. South of the front, in Washington, temperatures were well into the 70s with afternoon sun.

When the rain came it fell with a vengeance in some areas.

Dover AFB doppler radar estimates of of rainfall Sunday night into Monday morning are in the 2-3 inch range from Frederick County eastward into Harford County. Most of that rain fell Sunday evening. Baltimore’s official recording station was south of the heavy rain band and recorded only .99 inches of rain on Sunday whereas the Weather Service gauge at the Inner Harbor recorded 1.44 inches and farther north on TV Hill the WBAL gauge collected 2.20 inches.

Severe storms Sunday night produced some large hail.

The green dots on the map above show the cluster of hail producing storms and the Weather Service list below supplies additional details.

Monday’s weather is not much of an improvement over Sunday. The warmer air has been pushed farther south and clouds dominate once again.

The Monday afternoon satellite image shows the cloud deck over northeast Maryland and the thunderstorm activity developing in the warmer, sunnier areas of northern Virginia.

The entire storm system is moving farther east.

The Weather Service Monday midday weather map shows the storm center in eastern Ohio with an occluded front reaching to  just west of Maryland and the stalled warm (stationary) front over the southern Chesapeake Bay.

The forecast map above is for Tuesday morning and shows the system progressing eastward.

John Collins


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