March 2010 Review

To date, some memorable weather has occurred in 2010. February it was snow, March it was rain and so far April has been notable for warm temperatures.

A number of entries ago we covered the spectacular numbers for February. Now, a quick review of March.

  • 48.5         Average Temperature
  • +4.8         Degrees Above The 30 Year Average
  • 75              Warmest temperature (21st)
  • 29              Coldest Temperature (6th)
  • 5.53″         Total Precipitation
  • +1.6″         Surplus of Precipitation (Against 30 Year Average)
  • 2.31″         Greatest 24 Hour Precipitation (13th)
  • Trace        Total Snowfall (2nd & 3rd)

The graphs below were prepared by the National Weather Service at Sterling, Va.

John Collins

One Response

  1. Thanks for the sunny skies and 60 degree temps on Sunday 04/18/10 or maybe not. Clouidy skies all day in Westminster, windy and it may have reached 54 for a minute. Sure was fun cutting grass in a winter coat and hat. Looks like you blew another one.

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