Easter Outlook Update

On Tuesday evening the Mid Atlantic area is on the southwest edge of a major East Coast storm.

Tuesday Evening NOAA Satellite Image

The wet weather and chilly temperatures will be giving way to some outstanding conditions starting Wednesday. Keep in mind that back in 1942 a similar storm generated a record 22 inches of snow on March 29-30 and in 2003 the area received a record 2.6 inches of snow. It could be worse.

Looking ahead, a great set up for the Easter weekend. High pressure will settle over the region by the end of the week and temperatures will be running about 20 degrees above the seasonal average. A cold front will be moving into the mountains early Easter Sunday.

The main “energy” with this system will be over the upper Great Lakes and, as a result, as the front pushes toward the Chesapeake Bay on Sunday the rain chances should be small with higher rain chances in the mountains. All-in-all, a good forecast. Keep checking in for updates and fine tuning of the Easter forecast.

John Collins

One Response

  1. We’re leaving 4/5 for a river boat cruise from Antwerp to Amsterdam (9 days) and see that normal temps there are in the 50’s. Is there a chance that the 70’s and 80’s we in Balto. will be having this weekend will move over the Atlantic and raise the temps in that part of Europe?

    Thank you.

    Ann Walker

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