The siege is over and sunshine has returned. The storm complex that moved in last Friday has finally moved out and the cloud deck has drifted to the south and east.

Satellite images from last week showed snow on the ground from northern Maryland into New England as well as ice over the southern portion of Lake Erie. Today’s image (above) shows very little of that is left.

The rain numbers at BWI-Marshall from this latest storm were impressive:

  • 0.98″  Friday (Mar 12)
  • 2.31″   Saturday (Mar 13)
  • 0.32″   Sunday (Mar 14)
  • 0.08″  Monday (Mar 15)
  • 3.69″   Storm Total

Some flooding was produced by this storm. There were a couple of contributing factors. A major snow storm left a lot of snow on the ground just a few of weeks ago and only some of it had melted in the intervening weeks. Also, the ground was saturated, not only from the partial melt of the recent snow but also from six months of significant precipitation across the region. Here is how those numbers stack up:

  • 6.24″   October 2009   (3.08″ above avg)
  • 4.94″  November 2009   (1.82″ above avg)
  • 8.06″   December 2009   (4.71″ above avg)
  • 2.24″   January 2010   (1.23″ below avg)
  • 4.15″   February 2010   (1.13″ above avg)
  • 3.79″   March 2010 (as of the 16th)   (1.86″ above avg)
  • 12.6″   Above average precipitation for the five and a half month period

With much of that water locked up in the soil all winter, this latest excessive rainfall could do little but run off into area streams and rivers and some disruptive flooding resulted.

A nice break in the weather is expected over the next few days. Sunshine and unseasonably mild temperatures should hold up into the first half of the weekend. Enjoy!

John Collins


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