80 Inches and Counting

This morning’s weather balloon launch found a low pressure center in the upper atmosphere right over the balloon launch site at Sterling, VA near Dulles airport.  That low is tracking east over the bay and continues to generate snow showers.

The light snow from yesterday and the snow showers this morning have pushed the snow total for this winter season to the 80″ mark at BWI-Marshall.  Eighty inches of snow around here is a pretty amazing feat considering the normal snowfall, based on the 30 year average from 1971-2000, is just 18.2″ and the previous record for a winter season snowfall was 62.5″.  So we are more than 5 feet above normal snowfall and have smashed the old record by a foot and a half.  And we still have more than a month until the official start of spring at 1:32 p.m. on March 20th.

Tom Tasselmyer


3 Responses

  1. I believe this is indirectly due to global warming. Would you please explain how? Thanks.

  2. Tom,
    Do you think we will have atleast one more substantial snowfall here in central maryland and maybe reach the 100″ mark? I am hearing rumblings of a big coastal storm and another major shot of arctic air sometime next week. I know it is early yet, but what are your thoughts on these topics?
    Thanks-Dino-Green Haven

  3. Is there a possibilty of 20 more inches this winter. It would be awesome to witness 100″ in a winter. I love snow and never become sick of it so the more the merrier. Will this system coming this weekend produce anything?

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