Some Snow Numbers

Snow totals as of 8:00pm Wednesday.

The official snow numbers at BWI-Marshall as of 5:00pm Wednesday.

In this same time period back in 1899 it was extremely cold and numerous records were broken. The high temperatures over five consecutive days were record “low highs”. Record lows were established on three consecutive days.

So, would you rather have record snow like the past few days or record cold?

John Collins


3 Responses

  1. I would rather have the record snow. It is cool having 2 blizzards in a matter of days and it gets me my workout shoveling all of this snow.
    Also, I have been off from work for a week. That NEVER EVER happens!

  2. I would go with the record snow. And at 7PM the NWS changed the BWI report to 19.5 inches and it could make it to the 3rd 20 inch snowfall this season with that last band coming through right now.

  3. The snow totals that Tom T. showed in his weather report differ from the website. Should I trust Tom’s numbers? I always have

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