Snowflakes and Snow Records Keep Falling

One emailer told me he thinks of this storm as a “Snowatomic Bomb”, and meteorologically he might be right.  The low pressure system responsible for the blizzard conditions today was a “meteorological bomb”, meaning the pressure dropped at least 1 millibar an hour for 24 hours.  Tuesday evening the low was a fairly weak 1005 millibar low developing on the coast of South Carolina.  This evening, 24 hours later, the storm is an intense blizzard with a central pressure near 976 millibars…a 29 millibar drop in 24 hours!

For Baltimore the storm has set several records:
Snowiest February 10th: 12.9″ (4.0″ on yesterday = two day total of 16.9″)
Snowiest Month: 46.6″
Snowiest Winter: 77.3″

To put it in perspective, as of today we are 65.2″ above normal snowfall for the winter. More than 5 feet above normal!  And there are weeks to go before the winter is over.

The storm is forecast to slowly drift out to sea tonight, bringing an end to the heavy snow. However, strong, gusty winds can be expected even as the storm is departing, with dangerous wind chills and considerable blowing and drifting of snow through Thursday.

Tom Tasselmyer


5 Responses

  1. I think it would have been a hoot for the cop in Deborah Weiner’s piece to have gotten out of the car and locked her up! Now there is news.

  2. I found a record from the NWS saying 32.6 inches was the highest recorded snow depth ever recorded in Baltimore (or) at least I think that is what is said. What is the deepest snow depth ever recorded in Baltimore and did we officially beat that record? Thanks.

  3. Here is the website.

  4. How could the record for winter snowfall be set yet when the first major snowfall happened before the first day of winter?????

  5. Interesting little tidbit…
    the date of this storm is
    2-10 2010

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