A blizzard warning has been issued for the entire state of Maryland.  The center of today’s blizzard is now very close to Cape May, NJ with a central pressure near 984 millibars, or 29.07″.  Heavy snow continues to wrap around the storm into Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware with isolated thundersnow in the heaviest bands.  Wind gusts over 40 mph are now being clocked in many areas east of Baltimore.  The greatest pressure falls are now near Long Island and our in-house meso-scale computer model shows the storm pushing north toward those pressure falls, then rotating back down the coast of New Jersey before pushing out to sea later tonight.  Expect 10-20″ of snow for most areas with blowing and drifting through the night.

Tom Tasselmyer


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  1. All the talk about records, but what about snow fall of March 1958. As I recall, it was several, maybe three storms with in a short time frame. The Baltimore County Schools in North County were closed at least a week. I seem to remember the snow being bluish colored, very light (by weight) snow with a lot of wind. Falls Road MD route 25 had to be cleared with Caterpillar D8 earth movers because there was no place to push the snow to.
    Maybe it is my failing memory, but my wife also said she remembered the storm with long power outage.

  2. Street, MD, in Northern Harford County. 12:30 pm, 14 inches and still snowing,

  3. Hi folks, I am 54 years old and have lived in Baltimore all my and I cannot remmember ever seeing a storm of this magnitude. I think an appropriate description would be that we have been hit with a snowtomic bomb. I hope and pray that there are not to many fatalities from this. Have a safe day,Allan

  4. I live on Bear Run Rd., which is in the Taneytown area of Carroll County. We measure 17.5″ of snow on a picnic table that was cleared of snow from the last storm!


  5. We have 18 inches now in Pylesville (2-10 2 p.m.). I have a semi-sheltered area where I have been measuring (at least it is sheltered from blowing snow). I measure and then shovel for my 7 dogs to go out for their business !! Will try to write back in when the process repeats in a few hours.

    Jean, TJ Shelties

  6. Global Warming is freezing the crap out of everything. Check out this hilarious parody called “Global Disastrification:”


  7. I was way wrong! I Love the snow and it can keep on coming as far as Im concerned but I do understand the downfalls. What is good for some can completely suck for others. My last post had some frustrations involved so maybe next time I will keep my mouth shut. The storm looked so disorganized last night but now it is a full blown SNOWNAMI! My bad to all mets across the state. I will keep tryin I guess.

  8. Could we please ask parents to keep their teenagers from walking in the roads. We all know teenagers are mischievous but now is not the time to play

  9. While I listen to the local weathermen I have to laugh. Everyone was pulling the totals back this morning. As the storm exploded and totals doubled from 10-20″ to 20-30″ my jaw hit the floor as local weathermen pretended to have predicted it. All I can say is WOW!!! What a great couple of storms!!

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