2009-’10…Baltimore’s Snowiest Winter

The climate report from the National Weather Service was just posted and the word out of BWI-Marshall airport is that 4″ of snow fell on February 9th, pushing the winter total snowfall to 64.4″, which makes the winter of 2009-’10 the snowiest winter on record for Baltimore.  The old record of 62.5″ didn’t last very long; it was set in the winter of 1995-’96.  Official snow records go back to 1883 (other weather records date back to 1871, but for some reason snowfall records begin in 1883), and only three times prior to this winter was there more than 50″ of snow in a single winter season, most recently in 2002-’03 when 58.1″ fell.  This year’s record breaking snowfall is significant in that the record was broken with more than half of February and all of March still looming for potential snowstorms.

In fact the snow is still falling tonight and the coastal low appears to be intensifying as it moves north toward Virginia Beach.  Lightning strikes are now showing up over the Atlantic Ocean east of the Virginia/North Carolina state line.  A general 4-8″ snowfall blanketed the area Tuesday evening.  Wednesday morning the upper level low over Kentucky is forecast to move east, causing the coastal storm to “bomb” into a powerful nor’easter with additional snow likely to wrap around the west side of the storm into Maryland.  Expected snowfall totals have been cut back a few inches due to the intrusion of some freezing rain and sleet, but a general 10-16″ accumulation is still expected by Wednesday evening along with strong, gusty northwest winds from Wednesday afternoon into Thursday.

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Tom Tasselmyer

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  1. I live in pasadena and we received 4″ of snow before the sleet and freezing rain came. Now Im wondering why things aren’t being updated by anybody especially the NWS. Two things. 1. We are not going to get nearly as much snow that is forecasted and there is no way it is going to snow into tomorrow afternoon. If I see this, why doesnt anyone else.??? I love snow and I do my research on all these storms but just look at the radar and come up with your own conclusion instead of going by computer models all the time. This goes for everyone not just ch11. Just wanted to make that clear. I really hope the cold air comes back in and the radar fills up with snow but its just not gonna happen this time. I predicted 5-8″ from get go. It seems like my 200$ laptop wins again!

  2. I live in Littlestown PA, 20 minutes north of Westminster, 2 miles over the Mason-Dixon line. I got around 30 inches with the last storm and have 12 inches so far with this one! The snow is about to totally cover my mailbox – and that’s not in a snowdrift! I had drifts over 4 feet with the last storm. I may not get out until May!

  3. Tell management we would like to see tv. I do not wish to see channel 11 on for 10-14 hours at atime. We are stuck in the house everybody knows it’s snowing. Move on.

  4. My husband just came in from walking our dog and he got a little disoriented with the high winds and blowing snow. It was difficult to look up with the snow blowing directly in his face. Please let the public know they should be aware of their surroundings and not wander too far from home.

  5. Watching your news this morning as the totals were coming in, I wanted to give you an accurate measurement here in Parkton, just a couple miles south of the Mason Dixon line. At 8:30 this morning before the wind and drifting began, we had easily, 14 inches! And its intensifying now. I don’t know about everywhere else, but this seems worse and with greater totals than Saturday’s storm.

  6. Thankfully we have Global Warming which mitigated the snow fall and cold temperatures. Just think of what the three record breaking snow fall years in the first decade of the new millenium would have been like without it.

  7. Hey Al Gore…global warming caused this right?
    the Banquet Manager

  8. (sing to the tune of “Car 54 Where Are You”)

    There’s a blizzard in D.C.

    Pittsburgh’s buried to new heights.

    Cars are buried deep in snow drifts, there’s a million canceled flights.

    People freeze in record numbers, it’s a global warming bummer —

    Mr. Al Gore, where are you?

  9. Hello. I just noticed with the chart for snowiest winters that each of the top 3 snowiest winters of 2009-10, 1995-96 and 2002-03 that each of these have happened every 7 years. 1995-96 add 7 is 2002-03 and add 7 again is 2009-10. So I think we will have another very snowy winter in 2016-17.

  10. Please, I appreciate the storm coverage today. Information is good. But I do not see the wisdom of having good people outside giving reports about the conditions, especially when we all can see how bad it is! Why make poor souls suffer like that? Also, I agree with Jon/Essex… I like the good break from the normal schedule (please don’t put the soaps on!), why not run something to raise cabin-bound spirits, like an old movie or cooking show or lead an exercise program for everyone to follow (yoga, low-aerobics, hula-hoops, etc) or all of the above or other family-type feel-good show, with storm updates every half hour or so? Thanks again for being there…

    Y’all take care, Deb

  11. Well, Dino. Looks like you are completely wrong, and the professionals were not. Go figure. We have an additional 12 inches already today, in New Freedom, PA (1 mile north of the Mason Dixon).

  12. To the fine folks discussing Al Gore and global warming in reference to this storm:
    1. Please refer to a dictionary, and learn the difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’.
    2. Read up on El Niño, the Pacific ocean current that has warmed this year significantly, and is directly tied to both the torrential California rains, and the Mid-Atlantic snow season.
    3. Understand that, indeed, global warming will mean even more weather like this.
    4. Don’t embarrass yourself any longer. 🙂

    Glad to help!!

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