It Is Starting Up

At mid afternoon there have been some reports of areas of light snow. None of it appears to be sticking at this stage.

The afternoon satellite image shows the extent of the storm over the eastern third of the country. Skies have cleared over a portion of the central Mississippi Valley and you can see snow deposited on the ground by the storm.

The low track on this storm is expected to take a more northerly course once over the Atlantic than the weekend storm. This will generate a different snow accumulation pattern than the last storm.

One National Weather Service high resolution computer model shows the heaviest snows are expected to fall just north of the Baltimore area, reaching toward northern New Jersey. This model targets some areas of southeast Pennsylvania and extreme northern Maryland for close to 20 inches of snow.

A model we use in the weather office shows a similar pattern for snow accumulation. There appears to be a trend to forecast a rapid drop off in snow accumulation from the immediate Baltimore area southward. In round numbers, this storm will probably produce about one half of the snow that fell in the last storm. By any measure though, that is a lot of snow for one event. The intensification of the storm over the Atlantic will also generate windy conditions, adding to the complications this storm will bring to the area.

Tom, Tony and Sandra will have the latest forecast numbers tonight and tomorrow morning when the heaviest is expected to fall. Also check out updates on

John Collins


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