How Much More Snow?

The day dawned with a fresh 18-22″ of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down!  So, the question now becomes…how much more?  Our in-house meso-scale model run at 5:00am is forecasting another 10-12″ from 5:00am to the finish this evening (see image above).  Here at WBAL-TV we had 18″ at 5:00am, so we could easily finish with 28-30″.  The main low pressure system is east of Norfolk, while the upper level low is still approaching from the west.  As the upper low moves through, temperatures will continue to fall and so will the snow…perhaps even a few more claps of thunder through midday.

With this kind of storm, records begin to fall.  Some of the records already set or within reach include:

Snowiest February 5th:  9.0″ set in 2010…old record 6.4″ in 1899

Snowiest February 6th:  8.4″ set in 1978  (Looks like it has fallen…not official yet.)

All-time biggest snowstorm:  28.2″ set February 15-18, 2003

Snowiest winter season:  62.5″ set in 1995-’96  (Estimated 53.6″ as of 7am at BWI-Marshall)

And just think…there may be more coming our way Tuesday and Wednesday!

Tom Tasselmyer


11 Responses

  1. This is just amazing – waded through waist deep snow to start shoveling – OMG!!!! 24 inches measured in many places here in Parkville and still snowing.

    I studied meteorology at Lyndon State College and I remember fantasizing about storms like this with other students!!! Here it is.

  2. How if your snowplowed in and have to dig out. I park my car in the yard for the very reason for them to plow.

  3. Consider this an invitation to come out to Harford County- are we the red headed step-children out here? Come on out and see where the storm is really hitting- fresh coffee brewing!

  4. I think this storm should be called “Snow Way out”–because no one can get out!

    Pasadena, MD

  5. name for the snow storm.

    Snow Ravens

  6. What about the blizzard of 1979? We keep seeing records of past years’ snowfalls and there is no mention of 1979’s event……..what was the official snowfall for that storm? I was 12-13 years old and lived in Bowie, MD and distinqtly remember walls of snow after shoveling out….. thx Wes from Kent Island, MD

  7. Hey Tom,

    Absolutely great job in forcasting this storm..your predictions were spot on. Now all l have to do is finish digging out. Take care and keep up the good work.

    Stephen Fuller

  8. Thank you for being so dedicated and I want you to know how much we, the public, appreciate all that you and the crew do for us citizens. Go home now a get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow you can enjoy the snow. Please get a total for Mount Airy out there. Saturday I saw 21″ inches for over two hours of broadcasting. I know someone did not get you all an update but I’d like to know.

  9. I live in Columbia and o think we got at least 3 feet!

  10. TRAVESTY!!! Oh now, come on. At 11:45 am BWI reports 26.5 inches of snow, while still snowing. Then they release the storm total tonight of 24.8 inches, which is ludicrous! Did they send someone with a missing chromosome to measure all morning? How did they lose snow? The depth should have qualified the State for Federal disaster relief, but shockingly gets revised downward – and nearly 4-8 inches below nearly every other city’s total in central Maryland. The new nickname – The Fuzzy Math Storm of 2018-8.

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