Weekend Storm Update

Another winter storm is waiting in the wings.

The Wednesday morning, full disk satellite image shows the Tuesday storm pulling off the Atlantic coast. The next storm in line is over the southwest U.S. and Mexico and remains on schedule the move into the Mid Atlantic region Friday. Also note that there is a storm out in the Pacific. That one could be on the East Coast some time next week.

The upper air forecast map above shows winds and vorticity at 500mb expected for Friday evening. A trough of low pressure reaches from the Great Lakes into southern Illinois and an area of maximum vorticity (orange/yellow shade) sits at the bottom leading edge of that trough over Kentucky and Tennessee. This is the feature that is expected to kick the next winter storm into gear over the Mid Atlantic region on Friday and Saturday.

The National Weather Service forecast map above shows the probabilities for at least 4 inches of snow Friday morning through Saturday morning.

The next two forecast maps drive the point a little harder that this next storm could be a significant snow maker over the Mid Atlantic region.

These maps show probabilities for 8 and 12 accumulations respectively and they put the bullseye right over Maryland.

Stay tuned.

John Collins


2 Responses

  1. Say it ain’t so

  2. Thanks for all the information on the storms. I am watching grandchildren in Atlanta until February 10 and will be checking out your blog for next week’s storms for my drive home. This is so great…I am in Georgia and am finding out what my husband is shoveling out in Maryland!! Thanks for all the updates!!!

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