Here We Go Again x2

It looks like two “weather events” this week. The El Nino weather pattern continues to push storms toward the region.

UPDATE: 2:40pm …… The National Weather Service has upped the ante on tonight’s storm and has issued a Winter Storm Warning for this evening and overnight. By definition that would could push snow totals a little beyond the 3 inches I estimated in the next paragraph. For updates check in with Tom at 5, 6 & 11pm and on

The first storm moves through in the next 24 hours. There is a southern and northern component to this one. As of Tuesday afternoon it looks like Baltimore will get mostly, if not all, snow out of it with a wintry mix more likely south. Early estimates point to less snow than last weekend, perhaps around 3 inches, but that is only a first guess and Tom will have a better handle on it this evening. Various computer models project slightly different start and end times for the precipitation but most of the snow is expected to accumulate overnight. If there is any consolation, it doesn’t look like it will hang around very long.

The forecast map above shows the storm position at 1:00am Wednesday with one low pressure center in the Great Lakes and one of the Carolina coast. It is hard to see but the rain/snow line is just south of the Baltimore-Washington area.

A NOAA computer model radar simulation shows the estimated precipitation areas at 1:00am Wednesday.

Now, on to the weekend. It appears that this storm could be similar to last weekend’s event. One difference may be the temperatures. It may not be quite as cold.

The top forecast map shows estimated surface weather features for Saturday morning based on the input of numerous computer models and drawn up by forecasters at the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center. The bottom map is one computer model’s visualization of precipitation areas and surface positions Saturday morning.

A lot can happen between now and the weekend to change the look of these maps but another significant winter storm is once again possible across the region.Check in all week long as the fine tuning process continues and be sure to watch Tom, Tony and Sandra this week for updates. And, just my luck, I’ll be in over the weekend.

John Collins

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