Big Snowstorm To Slip Just South Of Maryland

Richmond, VA may see their biggest snowfall in nearly 27 years if the storm in Louisiana Friday evening stays on its forecast track.  The last time Richmond had a 12″ snowfall was back in February of 1983, but the elements are in place for that part of Virginia to pick up 12-15″ of snow on Saturday.  The low pressure system is forecast to move from Louisiana east through Mississippi and Alabama tonight before drifting just a bit to the north and sliding through Georgia and South Carolina Saturday, emerging off the coast, south of Hatteras Saturday evening.  The slight drift to the north means parts of far southern Maryland could see 3-6″ of snow and 1-3″ of snow is possible from Baltimore south to southern Anne Arundel Co. and for much of Queen Anne’s, Caroline, and Talbot Counties on the eastern shore.  North of Baltimore it still looks like little or no accumulation unless, of course, the drift to the north we’ve seen today becomes more significant overnight.  As always…stay tuned!

Tom Tasselmyer


5 Responses

  1. Doesn’t the storm track that is pictured here contradict your due east track? 1-4 at 10pm and as of 300am we are now supposed to get 3-5 inches in Pasadena. Looks like things are trending north at the last minute. I heard this was a possibility during my various and extensive research throughout the day.

  2. It has been snowing hard in Westminster for over an hour with up to 3 inches predicted by this afternoon the National Westher Service. Please pull this nonsense and update your forecast (also update your HD TV broadcast – it’s about yesterday). They should pay you people on straight commission.

  3. 1-3 inches? I am in Finksburg and we already have three inches on the ground. It is not light snow or snow showers – has been coming down thick for the last couple of hours without letting up. The forcaster needs to glance outside occasionally and update this site.

  4. Looks like this system moved further north than expected. I had a feeling of this when i noticed the precip was moving further NE then I thought it would. Almost 4 inches already here in Severna Park. The computer models got this wrong, and the cold air is still strong, only 18f here so I wonder why it shifted north.

  5. Gordon,

    I don’t think the storm really shifted to the north very much…it is basically on the forecast track. But the heavy snow is still spreading much farther north than I expected. See my latest post. I suspect the position of a very strong jet max over us (150 kts at Wallops Island this morning!) and the very cold air is combining to produce extra lift and very high water to snow ratios. So, with just a little moisture we are getting the maximum snow. Not bad for us snow lovers, but horrible for those of us trying to make a good forecast!! Arrrggghhh! It will be interesting to see what happens as the evening unfolds.

    Tom Tasselmyer

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