More Weekend Storm Information

It is still early in the forecast cycle for the anticipated weekend storm. I thought I’d add some information to Tom’s previous entry.

The Wednesday afternoon satellite image shows a band of clouds from the Great Lakes to Texas. This is evidence of the developing cold front that will drop temperatures by the end of the week. Clouds streaming up across Mexico into the Rocky Mountains are signs of the developing storm for the weekend. The actual low pressure center is just off the Baja California coast. The forecast map below show expected features for this evening.

The forecast track for this storm is still not nailed down but forecasters have projected a probable precipitation path into the weekend.

This forecast has the bulk of the moisture with the storm passing south of Maryland.

The map above shows the forecast storm position Saturday morning. At this early stage this could change but it is the current thought on the situation. The Mid Atlantic region is north of the storm and this is all cold air.

One computer forecast model shows the situation for Saturday afternoon. The north edge of the precipitation just reaches into southern Maryland. The 0 and -10 degree isotherms several thousand feet up in the atmosphere are south of Baltimore so, roughly speaking, the area between northern North Carolina and Baltimore would receive snow from this storm, with the bulk of it to the south of the metro area.

None of this is cast in stone so stay tuned for updates. Tom’s map in the previous entry points out the variables in the forecast.

John Collins


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