Weekend Snow

OK … another weekend and another storm system headed our way.

The midday satellite image shows fair weather over the Mid Atlantic region and the storm taking shape over the Gulf of Mexico.

The latest estimates show the Gulf low tracking to near Cape Hatteras by Saturday and a Midwest low tracking into Kentucky at the same time. The two lows, abundant moisture and cold air will all be coming together over the Mid Atlantic region at the same time. It is a formula for snow, possibly some significant accumulations.

It is too early for specifics but the analysis above indicates that odds are running 70% or better that at least 4 inches of snow is likely  over southern Maryland and the central DELMARVA Peninsula. A 40% or higher chance for at least 4 inches of snow covers a wider area just to the south and east of Baltimore.

The exact track of the storm is critical and forecast computer models should have a much better handle on the situation in the next 12-24 hours.

John Collins


One Response

  1. Good to knwo some longer range forecasts. Sounds like this could be the first true major storm of the year for central MD if everything falls into place. Looking forward to watching the flakes fly!

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