Slow Process

The very wet low pressure system that was off the coast Friday spent Saturday over southeast Pennsylvania. This inland position took the bulk of the rain north of Maryland but because of the low’s proximity to the area, cloud cover was considerable on Saturday with periodic drizzle and temperatures stuck in the 60s. There were sun breaks southwest of Baltimore and those locations saw temperatures rise into the low 70s.

The map below shows surface weather conditions Saturday evening.


The low pressure center is in the process of transitioning back out over the water with a new low developing south of Cape Cod. As the low continues to move farther east, the persistent cloud deck over the area will dissipate. The outlook for Sunday is a little brighter.

The rain on Friday was significant. Below is a sampling of area rain totals:

  • 4.15″   Bel Air
  • 4.02″  Conowingo Dam
  • 3.96″  Norrisville
  • 2.30″  Essex
  • 2.17″  TV-Hill
  • 1.17″  BWI-Marshall
  • 1.66″  Inner Harbor
  • 1.33″  Davidsonville

In the tropics, Fred is losing its’ identity as a tropical system.


In the satellite image above, the remnant low is centered just south of the bright plume of clouds on the far right. The remnant low is expected to move to the west-northwest over the next few days. Given the right set of circumstances there is a remote chance that the storm could reorganize and strengthen at some point in the future. There is quite a bit of thunderstorm activity along the Gulf coast. Tropical development is not expected but the unsettled weather and moisture is likely to move toward the Mid Atlantic region by the middle or end of the coming week.

John Collins


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