Wednesday Weather Update

Wednesday weather remains unsettled over the Mid Atlantic states.

WedSatFeatjI have annotated a few features on the midday satellite image. An upper level low pressure area (yellow “L”) is centered over the upper Ohio River Valley. It is an extension of a much larger low over northeastern Canada. At the surface, a low (red “L”) is still off the Mid Atlantic coast and a high (red “H”) reaches from Canada into the Great Lakes and New England. The drier air air under the high is evident from the clear conditions over the Great Lakes and upstate New York. Sun breaks have developed in the clouds over Maryland and sunshine dominates over much of the southern half of Virginia. The combination of these systems will be in place in some manner, shape and form for the next couple of days and will be responsible for unsettled conditions over the region.


The chart above is the National Weather Service surface map for midday Wednesday. The influence of the Canadian high is reaching into Pennsylvania and western Maryland and, for the time being, suppressing rain chances around Baltimore.

The presence of the upper low and the prospect of the surface low moving westward to the DELMARVA Peninsula is expected to increase rain chances in the next 24 hours.

Out in the eastern Atlantic, Fred has been upgraded to a hurricane.


Fred is still forecast to turn northward and remain far out in the Atlantic.

John Collins


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