Summer 2009: Cool & Wet


Although autumn won’t officially begin until September 22nd this year, meteorologically, “summer” (defined as the months of June, July, and August), is already over. So we can now look back at the summer of 2009, and what we find is the coolest summer since 2004 and a three month stretch of weather wet enough to keep the grass green when it usually turns brown and goes dormant. Perhaps the most notable aspect of this past summer was the lack of extreme heat. With just half of the normal 90° days and nothing hotter than 94° (on August 10th and July 16th), summer 2009 was not your typical hazy, hot, and humid Baltimore scorcher. In fact, at BWI-Marshall, we never had more than two 90° days in a row, so we technically never had a “heat wave”, which is normally considered a stretch of three or more 90° days. So what will September, October, and November bring? The three month outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center suggests a warmer than normal autumn is on tap (see below). Stay tuned.

Tom Tasselmyer



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