Stormy Saturday?

One more storm complex is slated to move across the region Saturday.

satsfcjThe Saturday morning surface map shows a low pressure area over the Great Lakes with a warm front (stalled at the time of the observations) reaching southeastward over the Bay and a cold front extending southwestward over the Ohio Valley. 

The Mid Atlantic region will be in the warm, humid air mass between these two fronts until the cold front sweeps on to the east overnight.

GOES14452009171Ga2LrKThe morning satellite image shows generally overcast skies over Maryland but there are breaks in the clouds from western Maryland westward. Sunbreaks may develop across the area in the afternoon and the potential additional heating could further destabilize the atmosphere, setting the stage for some strong thunderstorm activity.

day1otlk_1300The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has identified the region as having a “Sight Risk” for severe storm activity. The greatest threat would be from damaging straight-line winds and hail. Some tornado development is also possible.

Keep an eye on the sky today.

Sunday is Father’s day … and the first day of summer. The weather should be much improved with only a slight chance for isolated precipitation.

John Collins


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  1. I can understand giving a warning…BUT ,please constant coverage of a thunderstorm on TV interrupting the US Open is rediculous

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