“Seas in the Sky”

Good morning!

So, with the title of this blog, I’m actually not talking about the drenching rains we’ve had lately. Rather, something more beautiful…and something that will hopefully give you a new reason to skygaze! Clouds…not the dreary kind of rain clouds so prevalent recently…but a mesmerizing “Jacques Cousteau” version.  These clouds are nicknamed so by the Cloud Appreciation Society because they resemble a rolling ocean surface, with choppy wave-like peaks. And, they could be examples of the first new type of cloud to be recognized since 1951!

      Gavin Prector Pinny, a British cloud enthusiast, started taking photos of the strange clouds in 2005. He is now making a proposal to the UN’s World Meteorological Organization to formally classify the clouds. The Latin name? “Undulus asperatus”…translating…” a very turbulent, violent, chaotic form of undulation.”  According to National Geographic, some experts say that asperatus clouds’ choppy look may be attributed to strong winds disturbing previous  stable layers of warm and cold air.

     090603-01-new-cloud-pictures_big090603-02-new-type-cloud-sunset_bigI’ve yet to see these in the Mid-Atlantic, but keep your eyes on the sky(you never know!) Have a nice weekend!



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