Rain … Finaly Caught Up

After an unusually dry winter, precipitation totals are finally out of negative territory.

April rainfall ran 2.8 inches above normal and May is running way ahead of the game with a 3.07 inch surplus. 2009 is now .51 inches above the 30 year average for precipitation.

The rain has seemed endless over the past week although sunshine managed to break through yesterday and today. Another 24 hours of unsettled weather is likely in the region and then a drier pattern is expected to set up.

John Collins


One Response

  1. From Carroll County: It’s good to hear that the extraordinary rainfall has erased the deficit in some areas. I’m not sure that it’s true of Westminster. While we did enjoy a fair amount of rain, it seemed we got lots of overcast but VERY LITTLE rain while other places were drenched at times. But I’m not complaining since too much rain intrudes into our basement. And I’m saving what I can (just 110 gallons) of what fell for drier days in the future – for gardening.

    Kudos to your regional digital weather on 11.2!!! Our weather is noticably different from both Frederick and Hartford counties. I *occasionally* noticed that they were BOTH warmer than Carroll’s overnight temp thru the winter.

    Your region-by-region forecasts used to try my patience until I learned the regional sequencing and knew when to not hang on and hope for the local weather. Now I’ve learned the sequence and it appears that you’re about to change it. Please dont’t.

    I know that there’s little income from that channel but the details provided are a good public service in a state that has such diversified geography.

    We use channel 9.2 (sometimes 4.2, 7.2) to get near term storm particulars but 11.2 is the only FORECAST that provides truely localized data. The weather channel has sufficient detail for these needs only when there’s a dangerous storm in process.

    To provide some financial support, you might steal a portion of your screen space for small ADs as does channel 7.2 Please don’t compromise your regional forecast sequencing program. Thank you.

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