More Rain?

Tuesday turned out to be a fairly nice day … until late afternoon when scattered showers and thunderstorms broke out. The set up is similar today.


The morning visible satellite image above and the surface map depiction below shows that a broad low pressure area continues to spin over the Great Lakes and Northeastern U.S.


Once again today, scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely to develop in the area. How much?

fill_94qwbgThe map above shows that up to a quarter inch of rain is possible over most of Maryland, perhaps a little more to the west.

The Thursday morning forecast map indicates that the area will start to come under the influence of high pressure as the low pressure system moves out.


Thursday should be the start of a string of days of dry weather and warmer temperatures that should last into next week.

Where does the area stand so far on the rain issue? Well, April has done an abrupt turnaround from a dry winter. The graphic below is a snapshot of the BWI-Marshall record book as of Midnight, Tuesday, April 21.

statsj1The 5.65 inches of rain so far this April is not a record breaker … yet. In 1889 the April record of 8.70 inches of precipitation was measured in Baltimore and that would be tough to match. The 30 year average precipitation for April is 3.00 inches so the area is ahead of the game and has gone much of the way toward making up the for dry winter months.

John Collins


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