Preliminary Monday Rain Numbers

As of 5:00pm Monday, Here is how the numbers stacked up at BWI_Marshall Airport.


For a broader look at rain totals, the image below is a “snapshot” of the National Weather Service Radar at Sterling, Virginia. It is set to display the estimated storm precipitation total.


Much of the area west of I-95 received around an inch of rain. Portions of Carroll, Harford and Cecil counties, as well as the Eastern Shore, measured less than an estimated two thirds of an inch.

The rainfall has become more scattered but the storm is not over. The storm’s low pressure center will continue to affect the region into mid week.


The late afternoon visible satellite image shows the heavy cloud deck over most of Maryland with a more scattered cloud cover over southern Virginia. The sun, along with a more southerly wind fetch, helped move temperatures into the 70s in Virginia while readings were stuck in the 50s around Baltimore because of a more easterly wind and the clouds. The warmer temperatures to the south increased instability in the atmosphere and strong thunderstorms developed. They are evident in the satellite picture as the “puffier” streaks of clouds aligned southwest to northeast. There will be a severe weather potential in the warmer region until the sun sets and temperatures cool later this evening.

John Collins


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