Another Soaker

Update … 10:45pm April 15, 2009

As of 5:00pm Wednesday, .99 inches of rain was measured at BWI-Marshall since midnight, bringing the April rain total to 3.96 inches, 2.46 inches above the seasonal average for the month. The 2009 precipitation remains below the average to date by 2.9 inches. Wednesday’s final precipitation total will not be finalized until after midnight.

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A two day soaker is now in the process of moving away from the area.


While it has been dreary and chilly, the rain has been welcome across much of the region because of an unusually dry winter. At the end of the day Tuesday (April 14), rainfall at BWI-Marshall was in surplus for April by 1.56 inches. For 2009 it is a different story with a deficit of 3.8 inches.

The image below is a National Weather Service radar analysis of the precipitation that has fallen in the Baltimore-Washington area since Monday.


The most significant rains are estimated to have fallen from the Baltimore and Washington metro areas, eastward. The green shaded areas have received up to around an inch of rain (Baltimore City & County, Harford County and eastern Anne Arundel County). On the other hand, western portions of Carroll and Howard counties have received only about a third of an inch of rain.

A break in the rain should arrive Thursday with some sunshine and warmer temperatures.

John Collins


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