April Showers

The latest round of April showers will be pulling out of the area Saturday afternoon. Rainfall totals have been in the .5 to 1.5 inch range around Baltimore based on National Weather Service radar estimates.radj

The green shades north and east of Baltimore are the areas that received the most significant rainfall.

A couple of days of chilly, dry air will follow the departing storm.


NASA/NOAA Satellite Image

The satellite image above shows the clearing behind the storm plus a developing storm out west that bring more rain to the area Monday night or Tuesday.

Also on the image, note the gray and white shading north of the Great Lakes and around Hudson Bay. The sky is cloud free and the image is showing the extensive snow cover that remains in Canada. Much of Hudson Bay appears ice covered but some of the bright white shading is either thin cloud cover or fog.

A final note. Today is a benchmark of sorts in the Baltimore weather record books. The record snowfall for the day is 2 inches, set back in 1894. This is the last day on record in April that an inch or more of snow fell in Baltimore. There are now only five dates between Sunday and the end of the month that received less than a half inch of snow and nine dates that recorded only trace amounts of snow. It is an encouraging sign that, at least from the climatological records point of view, spring is taking hold.

John  Collins


One Response

  1. Thanks for your Sunday morning forecasts, they are a great way to start my day.

    We seem to have had lots of very blustry days this spring as the the cold fronts come through. Do we usually have this many? Or are we experiencing more very windy days this year?


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