Canadian Crater

Snow has all but disappeared in the Mid Atlantic region but is still very much a part of the landscape across the northern tier of states and in Canada. The National Weather Service chart below shows the significant snow cover as of today.


The chart above does not outline the snowpack over most of Canada but today’s visible satellite image of a portion of Quebec shows the extent of the snow plus a very interesting feature.


Take note of the white ring in the middle of the image. It is the Manicouagan Crater. This geologic feature was created when a meteor collided with earth more than 200 million years ago. The impact caused a “rebound” in the center of the crater that produced a plateau surrounded by a depressed ring outlining the edge of the feature that has filled with water. The image above shows that the water is iced over and that most of this part of Quebec is covered with snow. The varying shades of gray are due to forested areas covering the region.

For more on the crater go to

John Collins


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