Sunday Afternoon Storm Update

The developing storm that is expected to become a nor’easter continues to strengthen over the southeast U.S.


The satellite picture above shows the comma shaped cloud of the strengthening storm. Of interest is the band of white that reaches from the western edge of the storm in Tennessee, across Missouri, and into eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. That is freshly laid snow on the ground.

Computer models continue to indicate that the storm has the potential to drop some significant snow across the area.


The chart above shows that this particular model is calling for 4-6 inch accumulations from Virginia northeastward across southern and northeast Maryland. A narrower band inside that area could receive 6-10 inches of snow and that is concentrated on the DELMARVA Peninsula. The eastern and southern portion of the Baltimore metro area falls inside the 4-6 inch territory with areas to the north and west expected to receive lighter accumulations in the 1-4 inch range.

The above is only one model’s interpretation and it is on the conservative side. It is in step with other models that indicate at least a half foot of snow could fall along the I-95 corridor with higher amounts in the 6-10 inch range closer to the Bay and on the Eastern Shore.

Strong north to northwest winds will be a complicating factor. While it probably won’t qualify as a blockbuster storm it will likely be strong enough to snarl the morning rush hour and alter the plans of school kids around the region.

John Collins


2 Responses

  1. Thanks John. We trust your forcast the most and always enjoy your easy to follow maps and comentary.

  2. Could just miss us, like past storms.

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