Storm Deepening Over South Carolina


4pm observations from the low country of South Carolina show the low pressure system that will produce some snow around here tonight is deepening between Charleston and Florence.  Winds are increasing south of the low’s center, with gusts to 33mph at Charleston, and some snow is being reported on the cold, western side of the storm near Anderson, SC.

ANDERSON       LGT SNOW  34  33  96 CALM      29.68S  FOG
CHARLESTON APT PTSUNNY   49  37  63 W23G33    29.67R


This storm is still on track to move northeast along the coast tonight, producing moderate to heavy snow along its path.  The latest computer model runs are still suggesting and average of 4-8″ of snow around the Baltimore area by Monday afternoon with the possibility of 8-12″ on parts of the Eastern shore and in central Delaware.


There is likely to be a sharp cut off in snow amounts on the western edge of the storm, such that parts of Frederick and Washington Counties could have substantially less snow than Baltimore City or Kent, Queen Anne’s and Caroline Counties. And, as always, there is still a slight chance that the track of the storm could change, which would shift the location of the heaviest snow east or west…stay tuned!

Tom Tasselmyer


One Response

  1. It sounds like this is going to be our biggest storm of the season. I live in Grasonville on the eastern shore. I am reading the forecast on your website but both of your forecast maps contradict each other. One shows snow all week and rain one day. The other shows clear days with warmer temperatures than the other.

    I am reading the reports for this storm, but when I look out my door, it is some snow, freezing rain. Not really much of anything. Is Grasonville considered part of the area getting inches of snow?

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